Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Web Builders International


The entire website has been copied and archived if anyone is interested in a copy.

As of July 13th 2011 a bank in Massachusetts has started contacting banks nation wide about unauthorized transactions being made. So far one attorney has stated that in most cases the unknowing employees can not be held legally responsible for the wire transfers some of them had made. Worse case scenario is some one may end up having to pay back the money.

Again is a SCAM!!!!!

The following post contains information gathered from the Internet and is not intended as a factual representation for all people involved.

Web Builders International has been popping up all over message boards and scam sites with people asking "Is this a legit job offer?". The answer is still not clear as no one has stepped forward in saying they have been paid, or even work for the company.

What is Web Builders International?
According to their website this company deal primarily with web site development and SEO (Search Engine Optimization), as well as flash, java, etc. According to whois information their website was created July of 2011. This is roughly around the time people started asking about the legality of the business.

Where are they located?
This is hard to tell, they list their address as 859 Hollywood Way, Suite 459, Burbank, CA 91505. However checking out google street view it is hard to believe this address even exists. In fact after making a phone call to one of the businesses located at the same address we where told no business by that name existed and there are no suites at 859 Hollywood way. Going back to whois information the server that hosts their websites seams to be located in the Netherlands (Another red flag in many cases).

What type of job are they offering?
The job itself seams to be the same by everyone's account. You work from home using your computer to contact clients. You are assigned specific clients that only deal with you and no one else that works for web builders. A few people who had stated they had begun working for Web Builders that the job consisted mostly of sitting in front of their computers waiting for something to pop up. One person stated they had received a new job for the day, however at the same time two others had received the exact same job. So it begs to question if these jobs are in fact real, or as one put it a "test" to see how efficiently you can work.
The job also requires you to open a new, separate checking account. This account can not be tied to any other account and Web Builders INTL states this account is for transferring funds to and from clients. This is also where they deposit your pay (on average this has been about $2,850 per month however no one has been paid as of the writing of this article)

Red flags and other non-standard concerns.
Most times when we hear about a work at home opportunity it is something that you have to pay into, such as selling candles, cosmetics, or opening some type of web store through another company. Web Builders however does not ask you for a single penny, instead you fill out a W-4 as you would for any employer along with answering, filling out, and faxing in the standard employment papers. This all sounds great, but some "employees" reported sitting for nearly a week before receiving any work. (Remember they pay you a base payment of $2,850 no matter what according to their paperwork) All the work seams to be the exact same throughout all the employees (Unless we have only heard from those who by some miracle are all working on the same project together) which makes us wonder about what is really going on.

One person said they watched their checking account which required $100 to open to make sure the money they used to open it stayed put, and it did. In fact within a week over $4,000 dollars was deposited into the account in which afterwards the "employee" was asked to wire transfer it to another party. We have not heard as of yet if the amounts of money transferred into these employees accounts is the same amount, if it is then we can assume that either something fishy is going on, or perhaps this is the flat rate fee for a certain service. Either way it seams a bit strange that the employee would need to setup an account instead of the business itself.

On one website where several people where talking about the legitimacy of Web Builders we where shocked to find out that several of the people using the site where fired, one of which who had been fired the exact day he or she was to be paid. No warning, no request to have the posts removed, just fired, sacked, canned, let go!!

The trail is cold and bare.
Everyone who has looked into Web Builders International has found next to nothing on them. has no record of them (especially since the site is less then 6 months old.) But their website says they have been in business since 2006. Google search only pulls up other concerned individuals questioning scam or no scam (Web builders own site barely pulls up on a google search) Even though the company boasts web development and search engine optimization their site has an incredibly low ranking. Their website itself is also broken (One broken link on the main page going to web development) you can't tell me a company that specializes in building web sites does not know how to use a link checker?

Another strange finding was this article on a E-zine site. The site itself looking like it was thrown up over night. Yellowpage look ups, show nothing for the company which after 5 years of business you would think by now should have a phone listing of some sort. The numbers listed on the site:
Phone: (818) 748-8380
Fax: (818) 671-5715
Seam to be mobile numbers or disposable numbers. Calling the main phone number will get you a woman named "Emily" with a foreign accent.


This website / business confirmed SCAM July 14th 2011 at roughly 3pm CST.