Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Starting a biz in Quiny Il Harder then it should be.

Even though this has little to do with JeiTV I figured I'd write about it here anyways.
I live in Quincy Illinois and recently have begun contemplating the idea of beginning a small business. From what I have read (and trust me its a lot) even if you want to use ebay to subsidize your income you need to be filed as a business. So I headed over to my local "SCORE" website for some information. Once at the site I realized it was 4 years....No wait FOUR YEARS out of date. Nothing has been updated or changed in at least FOUR YEARS. I know its a volunteer basis but come on!

So I tried clicking through the links to find there was nothing available to download or view that could help me out. I have to call them, well its 9:30pm I don't think anyone would be in at this time. Maybe some other day.

Second zoning: Again from reading all the "facts" I need to make sure my apartment is "zoned" for a business. Being that it is income based I highly doubt it is zoned for business use. Furthermore I highly doubt the city would appreciate me wanting to re-zone my area so I can have a business. I'd probably lose my apartment somehow.

Of course all of this is pointless considering the more I look into it the more I get scared away by all the tax forms, planning, start-up costs and other items that seam almost impossible to begin to dive into without a load of cash at my side.

Its hard to believe that people start business every day on supposedly "NOTHING". I have yet to find a way. But if you know something I yet do not, please let me know.

Until then it looks like I'll be "workin for the man" for a while longer.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Blogtv Shows!

Woohoo! and all that jazz.

JeiTV is now on Blogtv and will begin showing whenever.

So sit at until something happens. :)

Monday, January 5, 2009

Live shows

Feel free to join in the live shows.

For the moment its mostly music and me doing some Video Jockey stuff. Also chatting with the viewers.

No show schedules currently exist until I get more viewers.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

A new year a new start.

2009 will be the year I try to do more with my life and jei-tv. I have several projects in my head that I just need to take the time to start. These projects also cost money, so if you would like to help me out in starting some of my projects please send me a message or goto and leave a message on the site.

Currently I am working on two books. One of which is a story and the other is a help book for computers. Both books will possibly be published on and when completed.

I am also beginning to slowly get money saved and purchasing items to start a few hand made projects with Kat. We will have a new domain name coming within the next few months to show off and sell our hand made creations.

Any support is greatly appreciated, even it its just a message letting us know how you like our items.

The new domain will also include a weekly or monthly show featuring both Kat and myself as we show our audience the obstacles, hard times, and ups of starting this new venture.

Hope you'll come along with us on this new adventure and show your support and share the experience with us.


Friday, January 2, 2009

New year brings new shows!

Now that 2008 has gone and 2009 raises its head its time to start thinking about new things. Hopefully soon the "Back to basics" series will start, and be published on youtube (in shorter videos of course) and

Keep an eye out just don't poke any out.