Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Starting a biz in Quiny Il Harder then it should be.

Even though this has little to do with JeiTV I figured I'd write about it here anyways.
I live in Quincy Illinois and recently have begun contemplating the idea of beginning a small business. From what I have read (and trust me its a lot) even if you want to use ebay to subsidize your income you need to be filed as a business. So I headed over to my local "SCORE" website for some information. Once at the site I realized it was 4 years....No wait FOUR YEARS out of date. Nothing has been updated or changed in at least FOUR YEARS. I know its a volunteer basis but come on!

So I tried clicking through the links to find there was nothing available to download or view that could help me out. I have to call them, well its 9:30pm I don't think anyone would be in at this time. Maybe some other day.

Second zoning: Again from reading all the "facts" I need to make sure my apartment is "zoned" for a business. Being that it is income based I highly doubt it is zoned for business use. Furthermore I highly doubt the city would appreciate me wanting to re-zone my area so I can have a business. I'd probably lose my apartment somehow.

Of course all of this is pointless considering the more I look into it the more I get scared away by all the tax forms, planning, start-up costs and other items that seam almost impossible to begin to dive into without a load of cash at my side.

Its hard to believe that people start business every day on supposedly "NOTHING". I have yet to find a way. But if you know something I yet do not, please let me know.

Until then it looks like I'll be "workin for the man" for a while longer.


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