Monday, May 11, 2009

University of Missouri Requires Students Buy iphone or ipod.....NOT!!

It seams that the media is having a hay day with this story. University of Missouri has added the Iphone / Ipod Touch as a requirement on its recent student requirement forms. Why? Well officials from U of M have stated very clearly that its mostly a way to get students a little more money. The extra cash can be used to purchase any device or material the students may need, and the "Requirement" will NOT be enforced.

Why the IPOD/Iphone?
My understanding would be something like this.
1. Its a reasonably expensive device, so students have a greater chance at obtaining more extra money then they would if the University "required" say a simple voice recorder.
2. Its multifunctional, which means its easier to justify for educational purposes.
3. Its popular, not many people have to ask "whats an iphone?". But many people would probably ask, "Whats a PIM?"

So out of the hundreds of "news" sites covering this story only a few have actually mentioned the actual facts. This is not a ploy to get Apple more money, nor is it product favoritism. It's a creative way to get students extra money for school, and in a time like we are going through students can use the extra cash.


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