Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Conficker HAHAHA

Last night I heard about and seen on the news more BS since the Y2K flop. One "expert" stated that Internet providers need to update their equipment. ISP's equipment has nothing to do with the spread or infection of viruses. In fact this would require ISP's to filter content which in my opinion is a violation of users privacy.

Another statement was that computers should only be sold to those with a degree. Although I think computer users should have a basic understanding of reading, writing, shapes, and colors in order to buy a computer and at least put forth some effort to understand them afterwards. This statement sounds like another computer lamer with too many papers saying they answered some multiple choice questions, trying to make it sound like computers are some big secret.

The worst one I have heard is one expert saying after the infection there is no way to fix the problem. LMFAO, conficker is software and does not harm any of the computers hardware nor can it. A virus can not physically damage a hard drive, power supply, or any other part of your computer. The worse it could do is try to wipe out your BIOS which can be re-flashed. This sounds like a way to get people to buy new computers and since the economy has went down and people are not buying computers as fast as usual, I could see this being some ploy by a twisted company.

Conficker does not infect Linux, Solaris, or Mac OS. Which means its a simple matter of booting a Linux rescue cd and retrieving your documents. Then its a hard drive wipe and a restore of your last backup (Or complete re-install for those of you who do not backup).

You can detect conficker using wireshark so thats as easy as booting backtrack from and running it. Since Linux is not effected and is a live system files can not be infected or removed.

I'm sure plenty of computer shops will make a nice penny off this, I just hope that eventually people start taking responsibility into their own hands and learn how to use a computer and software to prevent the need for this type of chaotic reaction to a simple virus.


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