Saturday, January 2, 2010

ATT wants to cut the land line.

Read several articles on this today. And I have to say, the only other thing more scary then a large company deciding when something should be no longer used, is the ipod credit card swipe.

Not to mention its getting a bit old seeing multi-million+ dollar companies trying to push their ideas onto the rest of the world.

Heres a few things that need to be done before landlines are cut.

1. world wide replacement of all copper lines and upgraded to IP based systems (At phone companies expense).
2. Migration of all current copper line users to phone based systems at the same or lower price.
3. Survey of how many users city, state, and world wide who still depend on copper lines.

sure cell phone are great, and dial-up should no longer be needed in todays age. But this is not the case in many smaller areas. Take Iowa, Illinois, and Missouri for perfect examples. A vast majority of people are still using landlines and dial-up Internet service mostly because large Telco's will not put out the money to upgrade their equipment in these areas.

I personally no longer use landlines, but just about all of my neighbors do. bleh. alwell.

Its time to sit back and wait for the industry to change yet again, just because some large company doesn't want to spend the money the right way.

blah blah blah.

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