Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hello from Internet land

Welly Welly Welly Welly Well My little lovelies. Its been a long time and no fun since I have done anything fun on the Internet. Lately I have been spending nights of long trying to get things sorted for what will hopefully become a new source of income. And as ideas smash around inside my little head I get a feeling way down in my gutty wutts that this time year after I could be a free man. At least free from working for "The man". Instead yours truly will be "The man". With much help and appreciation from a former co-worker and now business partner. Things are looking good this far. No tats or yarns about failure for these two chaps. No, instead much thinking of alike, and a feeling of accomplishing ones goals this lads been thinking lately.

Here's to a grand ol' 2010 and hopes that 2012 is not the real end to us all, Because as many of you may know or will learn very shortly. It can take up-to 5 years before one sees profits of green from a new venture such as this. And I don't want it cut short by some unwanted kick to the yarballs from old father time and faithful Nostradamus predictions and what not.

Instead I'm hoping year after this time I may be able to actually say I am stable. Well financially at least. Mentally will probably never happen.

Cheers and all that pip.

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