Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fun with GPS.

After playing around with my new Asus 900HA netbook I wanted to pick up on something that never really took off very far. Mapping wireless networks. I know tons of people have already done this, and by checking a few other sites online it looks like some people have even mapped parts of my town. So after some minor debating I settled on the Rino 120 from Garmin. I have owned several gps devices through the years and Garmin just seams to be one of the best. Not only does it work great with my software, but its also nice to be able to carry it around for geocaching, hiking, or even just to see information from a trip such as speed and even where I stopped and what times.

So after the gps device showed up I had to make another trip to my local Best Buy to grab a USB to SERIAL adapter since my netbook did not come with a serial port, and since the gps device did not come with a usb cable as advertised. Once I got everything set it was time to take a trip.

I went from Quincy, IL to Keokuk, IA and sadly it was gloomy out so the clouds kept the gps from picking up anything. On the way back home however the gps finally started to work in Hamilton, IL. So below is a small portion of Quincy and the wireless networks I detected along the way.

As you can see Quincy is not shy to wireless, I think I had over 300 networks before I got out of the area.

You can also download the full data for Google Earth here from

I hope to have more data soon and more gps fun as the weather gets better and I'm able to get out more.

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