Sunday, March 8, 2009

Hulu blocks Boxee - But why?

Several articles popped up this week about online video site blocking once again the up coming media center / streamer boxee. Many users are confused and baffled as to why boxee is being singled out.

Several people have expressed the same concerns. Whats the difference in viewing hulu from your pc's browser or from your boxee software? stated that the block was part of their "content suppliers" request.

So how long before boxee allows users to set their own "user agent" string in boxee to make sites think users are viewing the videos with IE, Firefox, or Opera?

The only reason I can see hulus' content providers asking for the block in fear of users recording shows and redistributing them without permission. Never mind the fact that out of the dozens of video download plug-ins available those who want a hard drive copy already have them. or at least their "content providers" have lost a few points in my book, but I'll still continue to use them until they block all browsers but IE.


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