Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hacking or "A word that has lost its meaning"

It seams every time you turn on the TV, surf the Internet, or go out to eat someone is talking about computers and "Hacking". Whats frustrating is that most of these scenarios take hacking way out of context. Thanks to media looking for ratings and script kiddies who want attention hacking has went from a word that use to mean putting a lot of work into something until you got the wanted results, to clicking a computer mouse a few times to gain access into some lame morons unprotected home network.

Now only is this not hacking, but also not worth giving any real attention to. By making a big deal out of every 12 year old who can work a mouse your just feeding to the already over flowing BS.

The word that needs to be used in these scenarios is "CRACKING" which means breaking into an area or device you otherwise do not have access or permission to.

Another word that has been associated with hacking is wardriving. Don't ask me why as the two have nothing to do with eachother. Wardriving doesn't even fall under the cracking category. Driving around and finding wireless access points is neither hacking, cracking, or illegal even.

Now when you decide to use that information to gain access to or destroy someones network or computer then your breaking the law and usually fall into the "Script Kiddie" realm. And being in this realm is nothing to brag about.

So next time you take your psp, gameboy, ds, calculator, or computer out and feel like making a video on "hacking" try to at least refrain from using the word hacking and call it was it really is. You trying to do something you find interesting OR you being a complete idiot and putting the evidence online for all to see and enjoy.


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