Friday, February 13, 2009 worth over $5,000 bucks! I wish.

I check my web logs and statistics weekly if not daily. And today I ran across something pretty interesting to me. has apparently found my site and rates it at about $5,000 bucks.

Net Worth $5,456.20
Daily Pageviews 1,500
Daily Visitors 324
Daily Ad Revenue $1.92 - 4.80

Everything on here is way off. I get an average of probably 120 unique visits or so per day and maybe about 400 or so page hits. I make no money from my site (although I'd like to eventually).

Its amazing what shows up in my statistics each time I check. Supposedly I am linked or bookmarked by over 255 people and places, I have yet to find why or where all that traffic is going though.

And just for fun I decided to check my blog out on It is more realistic.

Net Worth $2,442
Daily Pageviews <>
Daily Visitors 138
Daily Ad Revenue $0.82 - 2.04

But I don't make any money from my blog either.

So if your in the mood for a chuckle or a way to make yourself sad that your not getting any of the money your site is worth check out


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