Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Who comes up with parking lot designs? I want to slap them!

Here in Quincy Il its not hard to get frustrated when going to stores or a city office. In fact trying to negotiate from one parking lot to another can be a very unpleasant experience.

Heres just a few examples to show you what I mean.

The main street people use here is called Broadway and most of the businesses, restaurants, and places of interest are directly off this road. However, say you want to goto one store then to the one next to it. The stores are a decent distance apart so you want to use your car. Well in most of these places forget it. Even though the lots are connected many are separated with small walls or bumps, just big enough to cause problems for your car if you try to go over them. Others have larger walls that divide them up. Whats the point of making people go back out onto the main drag just to get to a store next door?

The next scenario I like to call "The Maze"
These are parking lots and drive through that force you to go a certain way or are simply so poorly designed you have very little option of how to navigate through them. The biggest examples are those of city ran offices. Many of these lots have tight turns, very small openings for vehicles to get through, and some even have almost impossible parking spots. Others have tried to fix this by placing additional parking areas, which would be great, except they are up-to a block away from the entrance. So if its raining or snowing theres a good chance you'll be injured or at least very upset by the time you get where you want to go.

It also seams several of the busiest areas are located on one way streets or have absolutely no exit lane. One bank is located right on the corner of the busiest intersection and has no safe way to get in or out. One way streets are another irritant of mine, especially when placed near places with bad parking areas that may requires you to drive around an entire two blocks or more just to get back 10 feet from where you originally began.

I would rather the entire US had been gridded off in perfect squared, every street faces the same direction with one large highway going all the way around the outside of the USA and two highways intersecting the USA down the middle horizontally and vertically. But no, apparently streets, highways, and all the rest of those so called "Transportation" roads seam to have been designed by someone on acid.

Anyways I'll keep complaining until we come out with flying cars.


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