Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Having fun with wifi theifs.

Tonight I was talking with a friend about using TOR and we ended up on a conversation about sneaky things you could do to people who want to steal your wifi connection. After some time of talking this is what I came up with so far.

First off your going to need a few things to start.

1. Wifi router (No DUH! you read the title right?)
2. Packet sniffer such as wireshark or ettercap (We'll use Backtrack in this example)
3. Tor or another proxy server (comes into play later not needed to start or at all if you feel lucky)
4. Lots of free time and maybe a beer or 10

First off shut down all but one computer, use this one to boot up backtrack. Once loaded up get a lease and log into the router, backup your settings then open it wide up. I am talking remove any type of wireless security, set the password to something stupid or blank if your router allows it.

Some of you may have already guessed we are setting up our own small honeypot type service.

Once your router has been set to its most useless state you have a few other options. You can set your bandwidth down (many routers allow to set the download and upload speed in them). If you have an ipcop or smoothwall system you could enable advance proxy and disable downloading of certain mime types to ensure your connection won't be used to download torrents or music. However keep in mind your opening your network to potential security attacks so the fewer systems you have running the better.

Next go back to backtrack and start a sniffer, most sniffers even show live updates of DHCP lease requests so you'll know right away when someone tries to connect.

After your victim(s) connect they'll probably think they have hit the moron jackpot and head right to their email, social network site, or even their bank site (sad but true). You simply sit back and watch the packets fly by as they get logged.

Allow some time to pass by then you can either be mean and just unplug the wireless router, or maybe start an ettercap filter to replace images with a nice prank image to let them know they are not wanted on the network. Maybe a nice pwnage image for fun?

Now comes the optional TOR part. In backtrack you can enable tor for web surfing or if you don't care you can do this next step without tor.

Head on over to Bigstring or the email service of your choice and sign up for a new account (or again use one you already have if you want). Then compile a nice neat page of the intruders information and send it back to them (assuming that you where able to obtain an email addy from their time on your network).

Warning: Now I know its very tempting to use your newly acquired information to have some fun in your victims online accounts. However, fight the urge so far your not doing anything that would be considered "illegal" possibly border line but its your network and you have the right to protect and log the information going through it, so lets keep ourselves out of jail.

Other things you could do is setup filters to make surfing the net a lot more difficult, redirects so instead of ending up at myspace maybe they end up at the FBI's website.

You get the idea. As long as the information you gather is not used for any illegal purpose and deleted after its capture your going to have a good time.
If you use this trick please let me know how it went for you.


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